The Krate Kard

The Krate Kard - Juice Krate


At Juice Krate, we want to help you build your business.

We’re excited to offer you early access to the world’s first rewards cards built for creators through our partner Karat. Example users today include Nas Daily (1.8M Instagram), TheRussianBadger (2.7M YouTube), and Tayler Holder (15M TikTok).

With Karat, you’ll get a custom metal card that saves you money every time you use it. Every time you spend, you receive cash back. The more followers & engagement you have, the more cash back you’ll get.

There are no fees— no sign up fee, no overdraft fee, no annual fee, and no interest.

Karat has agreed to offer priority access to 10 Juice Krate creators.



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