Chase Keith Talks Caustic Youth

Chase Keith Talks Caustic Youth - Juice Krate

Chase Keith might be known for his time of vast internet fame, but that doesn’t stop him from creating a tangible and wearable object like clothing. Mostly renowned for his time on and Instagram, Keith has been keeping up with all the latest trends of the modern era as of late. Especially now since he’s released his first clothing line, Caustic Youth: a brand dedicated to community and the vision of Chase’s future. “Crazy, energetic, and sarcastic.” These are just a few words that Keith describes as his all new clothing line.

Keith says he always wanted to do something with clothing, however, he was never really pleased with anything he came up with in the past. Now 17 and more ambitious than ever, his perfectionistic vision of Caustic Youth has been torn out of its shell and is brought into existence where Keith puts his mark on street fashion and his history.

We sit down with Keith to further elaborate on his past, inspirations, ideas, and future of not only Caustic Youth, but his personal brand as well.

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PEYTON: You originally wanted to be an anesthesiologist. Can you tell me more about that and how you found success through Instagram and Tik Tok?

CHASE: Originally coming form Ohio, everybody just wanted to become doctors and get into the medical field, and then maybe a vet. So I decided I wanted to go to medical school and study anesthesiology. Once I started making videos for fun with my friends, just like short skits we’d make on my Android tablet, I would edit it. Then that transformed to our realization of the app I started making comedy videos on the app and one actually got featured on the front that got 500,000 likes. I started posting more and eventually got asked to join my first tour and became friends with more influencers and video creators, and then we had the opportunity to move to L.A. I decided to take that into consideration so that I could do more modeling and content creation.

PEYTON: So it all stemmed from one video?

CHASE: Yeah, basically.

PEYTON: You’ve amassed one million followers in the past few years that you’ve been creating. Can you further elaborate on what that experience is like knowing one million people are watching everything you do?

CHASE: I don’t necessarily think about it like that. I see it and the number is there, but I think about how there are a lot of people supporting what I do. It’s kind of weird knowing that many people are following me, but I don’t necessarily think about it like that.

PEYTON: So you don’t have any pressure at all?

CHASE: I just like being myself. I’ll embarrass myself and friends in public. It’s super cool knowing that many people support me though.

PEYTON: You’re now releasing your own clothing line. Describe the effort and inspiration you had for designing and creating your first collection for Caustic Youth.

CHASE: I’ve always wanted to create really cool pieces for people to wear and just put my vision onto a piece of clothing and try to get it into the fashion community. I’ve tried multiple times in the past. I’ve been screwed over and people have taken my money and never sent out packages. For my first clothing line, I had to bring a sample to a fan at a meet and greet because she never received her package. I was literally heartbroken, but I’m glad I finally found the right people to work with on the brand and honestly I ‘m just trying to build it into a community now.

PEYTON: Where did the name Caustic Youth come from?

CHASE: I was brainstorming ideas for the brand and I was thinking about characteristics that describe me. When I see the word caustic and the definition, it says it’s like a crazy, energetic, and sarcastic way of doing things. I think the word has a negative connotation, but in my opinion I just thought it described me. Coming from Ohio, my friends and I used to do some crazy things. I was just thinking wait: synonym for crazy, sarcastic, and caustic. That’s how I would describe my childhood in Ohio. I just thought wow, I had a caustic youth in Ohio. I just thought it would be perfect.

PEYTON: How do you plan to establish your status in digital media and now fashion?

CHASE: We have a lot of future plans, but the only one I can talk about right now is the talk show. I think it’s honestly gonna make the brand unique because it’s based upon the definition of caustic. It’s going to be called “Caustic Youth with Chase Keith. I feel like once more people in the community see bigger people wearing my clothing, that it’s going to make it’s way into the fashion community.

PEYTON: Coming from digital content creation, how was the transition to a more physical type of creation with clothing and fashion?

CHASE: I’ve always considered myself a creative person, so it wasn’t necessarily that difficult to hop onto a different thing because I’m a quick learner. I’ve always had an artistic vision and I’ve always had an artistic vision and a bunch of ideas in my head that I’m not using, but now that I’ve found someone that will bring the designs to life, I feel like it was a lot easier to actually create what I was thinking.

PEYTON: How were you inspired to create a clothing line?

CHASE: Just seeing all of the new fashion and streetwear in today’s world, it just inspired me to be like “Okay, I see all of these people wearing really creative pieces. How hard can it be to do the same thing they’re doing?” I had a lot of the same ideas and concepts so I thought it wouldn’t be that hard. Like I said, I just had a lot of really cool visions.

PEYTON: Where do you see the future of Caustic Youth?

CHASE: I see it as a profitable high end brand that’s family and community type based. We’re gonna be doing monthly drops and eventually we’re gonna do pop-ups and hopefully in the future, we can get it in stores. I feel like we’re gonna be able to create a family of people due to the talk show and publicity. We’re trying to create a community of people who will love the brand as a whole as well as a community of like minded creatives.

PEYTON: We know you're starting your own talk show soon. Can you describe your plans with that. It’s an entirely new direction for you in terms of content creation.

CHASE: We’re actually having a meeting next week that’s about funding and set creation for the show. Honestly, I think it’s a new direction in terms of content creation, but I would just be interviewing the top people in today’s social media community. It’s gonna be a crazy talk show, and I don’t want to spoil too much, but it’s gonna be chill, funny, and crazy.

PEYTON: If there's one piece of advice you could give your followers and fans, what would it be?

CHASE: It’s gonna sound really cheesy, honestly, whatever you have your mind on, whatever goal you’re trying to reach, I wouldn’t set it too high but something that is realistic and obtainable. Once you obtain the first goal and you actually start reaching your goals, it’s easier to set higher goals and then try to reach for those. Realistically, you just have to set your goals high, work for it, and grind for it. Whatever you set your mind to, it’s obtainable if you have the right mindset for it. I came from a small town in Ohio and now I’m living in Orange County, California pursuing my passion. Otherwise, I might be in Ohio probably playing La Crosse and going to school.


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